Toll control

Authorities and institutions entitled to control

The authorities and institutions entitled to control for toll payments are:

  • the National Toll Administration,
  • the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as
  • the Customs Agency at the border crossing points.

According to Art.10, para. 2 of the Roads Act, when no toll has been paid for a particular vehicle while driving along the paid road network, the driver, its owner or a third party can pay a compensatory fee pursuant to a Tariff fee, which are collected for using and crossing the National road network, in which case the same is exempted from administrative liability. The compensatory fee could be paid immediately to the enforcement mobile team via debit or credit card. In case of refusal or impossibility to pay the compensatory fee on the spot, his owner or the third person shall pay a fine for making an administrative violation.

Toll payment is mandatory for all vehicles subject to toll charging.